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Tax statements are sent each year in March.  Taxes are due by October 15th.  For tax amount of current status, please contact the collector's office at 479.783.4163.
Look under Basic Information> Homestead Parcel at ARCountyData []
See Basic Information at ARCountyData []
See Land Information at ARCountyData []
See Improvement Information at ARCountyData []
See Valuation Information at ARCountyData []

They are used to fund our county government and public schools. The county uses the proceeds to provide all of our county services, and pay its employees. Of course the majority of the funds go to public schools.

Property taxes provide an excellent funding mechanism for these services because they are generally very stable. Because our taxes are calculated in one year, and collected in the next, schools and county government can reliably budget for the upcoming year.

Check out the FAQ section of the Assessment Coordination Department's Website




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Fort Smith, AR

Justice Building
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Sheriff Department
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