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Guidelines for Instrument Recording

The following criteria must be met by any instruments to be recorded in the deed and mortgage records of the Sebastian County Recorder's Office.

Instruments can be recorded in either Greenwood or Fort Smith County Clerk Office regardless of location within the County.  Mailing addresses:

Fort Smith County Recorder                   
P. O. Box 1089
Fort Smith, AR 72902
Greenwood County Recorder
P. O. Box 428
Greenwood, AR  72936 


Documents must be originals.  We will not file copies.

Acknowledgement:  The document must have an acknowledgement by a notary public.

Preparer of Deed:  It must be stated on the face of the deed "The instrument Prepared By" with the name and address of the preparer.

Revenue Stamps:  Deeds must have the certification signed by the grantee or agent that the correct amount of revenue stamps are affixed to  the document or that none are required.  If a monetary exchange was involved, the revenue stamps must be purchased from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration and affixed to the deed as the last page.

Margins:  A two and one/half (2 1/2") inch margin at the top of the face of the first page of the document is required.  The certificate of recording label shows the time and date of recording and document number, with the label being 2" x 2.5".  This label (certificate) must be placed on the first page of the document to enable scanning an image of the document into the computer system.  No instruments or attachments thereto larger than 8 1/2" x 11" can be recorded in the deed records.

The Fee for recording is $15.00 for the first page plus $5.00 per page for any additional pages.  Any context printed on the reverse is considered another page.

Document Number vs. Book and Page:  As of September 1, 1999, the "Book and Page" number was replaced by a "document identifier" number.  The document identifier number is printed on the Certificate of Recording label.  Any other page numbers stamped on the document are for internal use only and should not be used to reference the document.

Plats, Surveys, Site Plans and Oversized Documents:  Plats and surveys should be filed separately from instruments affecting title to real estate and simply referenced in the latter documents as to the recording of such plat or survey.  





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