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Captain William Dumas- email Location:
801 South A Street
Fort Smith Arkansas, 72901
Ph. 479-783-4988

Mailing Address:
(For legal and commercial mail only)

Name of Inmate
801 South A Street
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901

For other types of mail,
visit sending inmate mail



How do I get someone out of jail?
Arrestee's are usually held in jail until trial, or they may post a bond securing their appearance in court. Bond's may be cash or "Legally Sufficient", which means a Bail Bond Company can post the bond amount and you only pay a portion of the amount to the bonding agency.

How do I find a bonding company?
We are not allowed to recommend a bonding company, but the yellow pages are full of help. An internet search will work well too.

How do I pay cash to get someone out of jail?
Come to the "Booking and Information" at the jail. We will gladly help you. You will need the exact amount of bond in cash plus a $20.00 fee.

How long does it take to get to prison after someone is sentenced?
Once a person is sentenced to ADC, it usually takes several months before he/she is transported to prison. For trip security, the exact date of the transport will not be revealed.

Where is my car?
(Yes, we get that question a lot) When people get arrested and the car gets towed, we can certainly try to help you find out where it is. If we don't have the location, we can direct you to call the arresting agency for more help.

Can I serve my sentence on Weekends only so I don't lose my job?
No, however, you may apply for the work release program. Pick up an application from the information desk at the jail and turn it in early. We need up to 5 days to complete the application process.  See our 'Do I qualify for a work program' page for more information.




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