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Ben Geren Park
7200 South Zero Street
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Office Hours Are:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Admin Office: (479) 646-2444

*The Park Office is located at the back of the park in the Community Complex. Ask for Tammy!

*Park Closes at Dusk Daily

*Park Closed Christmas Day

*There is NO HUNTING allowed in any of Sebastian County Parks

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Ben Geren Park

Bike Trail (Mountain Bike & Paved)
One of the finest bike trails in Arkansas has been constructed at Ben Geren Park. This paved trail is ADA-accessible through the first mile. There are over 7.5 miles of paved trails with ongoing expansions, in addition there are over 14.10 miles of rugged trails for mountain bikers and hiking. Our mountain bike trail system has been listed by the state as one of eleven premier systems in Arkansas.  


Definition of E-bikes an e-bike is a two with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (1 h.p.) that provides propulsion assistance. A Federal definition of “low speed electric bicycle” is included in the Consumer Product Safety Act. 1, Arkansas State Parks have adopted policies for regulating e-bikes consistent with this Federal definition, including in some cases a labeling requirement identifying an e-bike’s compliance with the following classifications:

“Class 1 pedal assist bicycle” shall mean an electric bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that ceases to provide assistance when the electric bicycle reaches the speed of twenty miles per hour (20 m.p.h.).

“Class 2 electric bicycle” shall mean an electric bicycle equipped with a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle and that is not capable of providing assistance when the electric bicycle reaches the speed of twenty miles per hour (20 m.p.h.).

“Class 3 electric pedal assist bicycle” shall mean an electric bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of twenty-eight miles per hour (28 m.p.h.).

All Class 1 pedal assist bicycles are allowed on all Sebastian County Park trails designated for use by bicycles. This includes mountain bike trails, paved and unpaved multi-use trails that allow bicycles of any type.

Class 1 and 3 pedal assist bicycles and Class 2 electric bikes are allowed on all vehicular shared roads within Sebastian County Parks.

Sebastian County Parks prohibit the use of Class 2 electric bikes and Class 3 pedal assist bicycles on mountain bike trails or paved and unpaved multi-use trails that allow bicycles of any type.

Click here for a Bike Trail Map.

Share the Trail

If you’re headed out on one of Sebastian County Parks’ many shared-use trails, it’s important that you understand trail etiquette and share this knowledge with your fellow trail users. Good trail etiquette protects your Parks trails and keeps you safe on your visit to a Sebastian County Park, making for a more enjoyable experience for all.  Pass these guidelines forward, so all can have an enjoyable experience to these special, natural areas.

Follow these simple steps when using shared-use trails:

1.  Respect & expect other users. Anticipate other trail users around corners and blind curves. If you’re in a group, avoid blocking the trail.

2.  Respect wildlife - you’re traveling through their home.

3.  Respect public & private property.  Do not create your own trails, this is prohibited in the park system. Leave no trace & pack out litter.

4.  Keep dogs leashed and under control at all times—it’s a county ordinance! Other trail users don't know your dog is friendly, and you may not know how other dogs will respond to your dog when they approach on a trail. Off-leash dogs are also destructive to wildlife and their natural habitat. 

5.  Be friendly and courteous. Greet other users with a friendly “Hello!” or “Nice day!”

6.  Bicyclists should yield to everyone. Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic. When in doubt, give other users the right of way.

7.  Announce yourself when approaching others.

8.  Stay on the trail. Creating your own path or cutting switchbacks creates erosion, damages habitat and natural resources, and may lead others into sensitive areas such as fragile ecosystems and nest sites.  Sebastian County Parks may close trails at any given time because of erosion of trails, trails being re-constructed or discontinued, hazards on the trails, wet trails, volunteer trail work days, and other reasons.  We will post signage and caution tape, as well as, posting on the Parks Facebook site and park kiosks.  

9.  Don’t use the trail when it’s wet! Give the trail a chance to dry and recover after rainstorms. wheel tracks and footprints have drastic effects on wet trails, and can begin a process of erosion which is difficult to reverse. Check the Ben Geren Park Facebook or the park office or website for current trail conditions.

10.  Operate within your ability at all times. For example, if you’re new to mountain biking, keep your bike under control. Situations can get out-of-control fast if you’re not attentive!

11.  Be prepared. Bring water, snacks, maps, a light source, and other equipment you may need. Think ahead and bring the essentials. Cell phones are an excellent idea, but batteries can die and accidents can happen in areas with no cell reception. Know where you’re going and tell someone else your plan before you visit a County Park.


Disc Golf
Ben Geren Disc Golf Course is the largest and nicest course in the region.  With three 18 hole courses: white, yellow and orange, this facility has a variety of challenges and conditions.  Alternate pin placements changed periodically.  Watch for water, tunnel shots, buried and hanging targets!  The local association has several events throughout the year.  

Professional Disc Golf Association listing [link].
Course Layout Map [link]

Fitness Course
Ben Geren is home to a top-notch fitness trail, running 1.5 miles in length. Constructed of shale and dirt, it is partially ADA-accessible although some challenge should be expected by all users. Several fitness stations are available along the trail.

Gator Golf
The Fort Smith area's only 27-hole championship mini-golf course offers park guests an amazing and exciting jungle adventure. For more information on Gator Golf, please contact Ben Geren front office at (479) 646-2444.  Summer hours - Wednesday-Thursday 1:00 - 8:00 and Friday- Saturday 1:00 - 9:00, Sunday 1:00 - 8:00.

Golf See Ben Geren Golf Course


Ben Geren Park offers guests three (3) large 40'x40' pavilions. Each facility will handle approximately 65 people comfortably and all have electricity and water on-site. Bathrooms are conveniently located within walking distance of each pavilion. Pavilions are available for reservation by calling (479) 646-2444. A smaller 20'x20' Gazebo with electrical hookup is also available.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you make your reservations 30-days ahead of your planned event. The pavilions are extremely popular! Please note that pavilions remain "first-come, first-serve", if no reservations have been scheduled. For the benefit of our park patrons, each pavilion has a reservation marquee which shows current reservations.

The large playground is located in the center of the pavilion complex next to the restrooms. This playground has a variety of amenities with the intended age use of specific equipment ranging from six (6) months and up. There are plenty of swings, slides, climbers and more.

There is a second playground near the Community Building at the Softball Complex for ages two (2) and up.

Safe Shelter Rules and Regulations
The intent of this facility is to provide safe haven for park patrons and the public at large in the event of a tornado or emergency. This facility is not intended for use during any other storm event other than when a tornado warning or emergency signal has been issued. Warnings take precedence over any planned event. The only time the doors will open to the public without a reservation will be during a warning. All pets must be in an airline approved carrier in order to come into the shelter. Pets carried or on a leash will not be admitted during an emergency.

This facility is available to be rented for functions and meetings.

Community Building

Located by the Softball Complex and directly adjacent to the small playground. This facility is available to be rented for functions and meetings.

Ben Geren is home to one of the finest soccer facilities in the Arkansas/Oklahoma area! With twelve soccer fields and more in the works, it offers area families excellent opportunities for athletic competition or just a fun day at the park learning the game. Under contract with River Valley Futbol Club, the Ben Geren Soccer complex hosts many regional and city tournaments annually. For more information on the Ben Geren Soccer Complex or for league/tournament signups, please contact River Valley Futbol Club at

Our ten field softball complex is home to adult softball leagues, including co-ed, kid's leagues, and Tee-ball. Under contract to the Ben Geren Softball Association and Sebastian County Girls Softball League, the complex offers Sebastian County residents the fun of teaching and learning while also providing competitive leagues for more advanced players.  Contact the Ben Geren Softball Association at (479) 646-9517 or (479) 926-9987 and the Sebastian County Girls Softball League (479) 806-9701 or (479) 461- 9465.

Ben Geren is home to one of the finest athletic facilities of its kind with the Tennis Center. With six newly resurfaced lighted courts, our instructors will take you from beginner to ATP Pro! (It could happen!) They start with USTA Quick Start Program and work with ages 5 to 95. They offer group and private lessons, adult and junior leagues, and summer tennis camps for juniors. All instructors have been certified in Junior Development by Professional Tennis Registry. Call (479) 783-9282 to schedule courts. To schedule Tennis lessons call (479) 414-7291 or visit the website Western Arkansas Tennis Association.

Torraine Lake
also known locally as Stick Lake, covers about 15 acres and sits on 42 acres of parkland. Torraine Lake is part of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commissions Family and Community Fishing Program.   The lake is stocked several times a year with channel catfish and rainbow trout, adding fishing to Sebastian County’s recreational offerings. A paved walking trail with two pedestrian bridges have been completed and extends a mile around the lake.  Canoes and kayaks are welcome but they will have to be carried from the parking area (above). No motorized boats or other craft of any kind are allowed. Please abide by Arkansas fishing and boating rules and practice common sense safety habits. It is prohibited for any kind of motorized vehicle to be on the trails to include ATVs, UTVs and scooters.

Directions: 10000 Chad Colley Boulevard. Look for the bollards marking the crossing of the bike trail along Chad Colley Boulevard. Once you turn in, you will see a large Torraine Lake sign. Torraine Lake closes at dusk.

Sand Volley Ball
Ben Geren maintains four sand volleyball courts for family fun. Court #1 is located behind Pavilion #1,  Court #2, #3 and #4 are located adjacent to Pavilion #2. Participants must provide their own balls but we provide the sand!












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