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White Bluff Bridge Replacement Timeline | Bridge Is Complete & Open!

This bridge replacement is a State-Aid Project designed by ARDOT engineers.  The bridge was posted at 6-ton load capacity, was unsafe for heavy vehicles including school buses and fire trucks.

8/20/2019 R.O.W. Documents mailed to ARDOT State Aid Division
3/05/2020 Certificate of concurrence was sent to ARDOT awarding SILCO the low bid
4/09/2020 County contracted Fort Smith Utilities about moving water line
4/20/2020 County contacted AOG about moving gas line
4/21/2020 County met with AOG Onsite
4/24/2020  Pre-Con for gas line relocation
5/05/2020 County spoke to AT&T about installing temporary phone line across creek
7/07/2020 AOG Began relocating gas line
8/10/2020 Notified that water line had been bored under creek
8/18/2020  County advised ARDOT that utilities had been moved
9/30/2020 ARDOT Sent email that SILCO had planned to start this week but were rained out
10/20/2020 Email from ARDOT SILCO is under quarantine
11/30/2020  Email from ARDOT SILCO is under quarantine again
2/14/2021 Bridge demolition begins
4/01/2021 Landowner calls County concerning drainage issue with bridge project
4/02/2021  County halted work until drainage issue could be resolved
4/05/2021  County Emailed ARDOT to see if it was possible to take an entire section out of the project to address drainage issue   
5/19/2021 Road Department delivered last of the RCP Culverts
05/24/2021 SILCO has informed the County they will start laying RCP Tuesday 5/25/2021
6/14/2021 Work begins
6/17/2021 Silco is working on bridge laying drainage pipe on south east side
07/06/2021 Putting pipe in ground
7/07/2021 Pouring concrete for cleanouts
8/30/2021 The approach is roughed in on the south end, Silco has started on the north end, Shawn Silvey with Silco stated last Thursday that the project is beginning to gain ground.
9/2/21 Another gas line was discovered within the work zone.  Although we will need to have it relocated, all entities involved feel it should not impede the work on the bridge. Work is coming along nicely and concrete should be poured very soon. Met with the representative for the gas line and have already received permission from the land owner to relocate the line.
Week of 9/13/21 Construction was halted last week due to newly discovered gas line on the west side of construction area, ARDOT and County officials along with contractors have decided to continue the project while arrangements to relocate the gas line are being made. If at the time the bridge is at 75% complete the gas line has not been relocated the bridge will be opened partially and possibly both lanes may be utilized while the last portion of the bridge is being completed, there may be times of partially closing lanes but we feel that traffic will be possible.
11/16/21 Enable Energy will begin moving the gas line on Dec. 1, 2021.
07/15/22 Per ARDOT engineers, they are hoping to pour Bridge top next week
07/29/22 Poured bridge top
10/12/2022 Bridge is open!


From this point the County had been granted permission to take the northern end of the project out of the job. This would allow the ditch not to change as much.

SILCO began working on the south end of the project and discovered that the utilities still were in the project site and that the plans for ARDOT needed to be reviewed, for the project to go as planned, and that the utilities would have to be moved again.  Moving the utilities was not what anyone wanted.   The County presented ARDOT with a proposal to have the ditch run underground as opposed to open ditch.

It took ARDOT a couple weeks to approve the change.  When approved by ARDOT the County ordered the pipe from Schurlock and had it delivered to the bridge replacement site.

The bridge load rating was so low that an unloaded pickup truck was the heaviest load that was supposed to be going over it.  School buses, dump trucks, delivery trucks, fire trucks did not need to use the bridge.

This information will be posted on the County Website and updated as work progresses.

A completion date will be determined




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