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Fort Smith Courthouse
35 So. 6th, Room 102
Fort Smith, AR 72901
Mon - Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: 479-782-5065
Fax: 479-784-1567

Greenwood Courthouse
301 E. Center, Room 104
Greenwood, AR 72936
Mon - Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: 479-996-4195
Fax: 479-996-4165

November 3, 2020 General Election


Instructions:  If you don't know your precinct number, do a lookup on the Arkansas Secretary of State Voterview site.  In the REGISTRATION INFORMATION section of that site, provide your name, spelled the same as you provided when you registered to vote, along with your date of birth.  Click on YOUR precinct number below to see the sample ballot.  If you have any questions, call the County Clerk's Office at 479-782-5065.

These issues are on all of the ballot styles and provide the complete text of the proposed amendment:

Issue No. 1 - An amendment to the Arkansas Constitutional Continuing a One-Half Percent (0.5%) Sales and Use Tax for State Highways and Bridges; County Roads, Bridges and Other Surface Transportation; and City Streets, Bridges and Other Surface Transportation After the Retirement of the Bonds Authorized in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 91.

Issue No. 2 - A Constitutional Amendment to Amend the Term Limits Applicable to Members of the General Assembly, to be Known as the "Arkansas Term Limits Amendment"

Issue No. 3 - A Constitutional Amendment To Amend The Process For The Submission, Challenge, And Approval Of Proposed Initiated Acts, Constitutional Amendments, And Referenda

Notice Regarding Issue No. 6 - Pursuant to order of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Issue 6 has been disqualified from the ballot.  Votes cast for or against Issue 6 will not be counted, canvassed, or certified.

1-A 9-1G
1-B 9-1H
1-C 9-1I


Additional Paper Ballot

1-E 9-1M
1-F 9-1N
1-G 9-1O
1-H 9-2A.01
1-I 9-2A.02
1-J 9-2A.03
1-K 9-2A.04
1-L 9-2B
1-M 9-2C.01
2-A 9-2C.02
2-B 9-2C.03
2-C 9-2D
2-D 9-2E
2-E 9-2F
2-F 9-2G
2-G 9-2H
2-H 9-2I
3-A 9-2J
3-B 9-2K
3-C 9-2L
3-D 9-2M
3-E 9-3A
3-F 9-3B
3-G 9-3C
3-H 9-3D
3-I 9-3E
3-J 9-3F
3-K 9-3G
3-L 9-3H
3-M 9-3I
3-N 9-3J
3-O 9-3K
4-A 9-3L
4-B 9-3M
4-C 9-3N
4-D 9-3O
4-E 9-3P
4-F 9-4A
4-G 9-4B
4-H 9-4C
4-I 9-4D
4-J 9-4E
4-K 9-4F
4-L 9-4G
4-M 9-4H
4-N 9-4I.01
9-J 9-4I.02
9-L 9-4J
9-1A 9-4K
9-1B 9-4L
9-1C 9-5A
9-1D 9-5B
9-1E 9-6A
9-1F 9-6B





Fort Smith Court House
35 South 6 St.
Fort Smith, AR

Justice Building
901 South B St.
Fort Smith, AR

Greenwood Courthouse
11 Town Square
Greenwood, AR 72936

Sheriff Department
800 South A Street
Fort Smith, AR  72901


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