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Sebastian County Road Striping Project Update

The Road Department has received multiple complaints regarding road striping on asphalt roads.  We have several roads that we have had scheduled to have the striping redone this year, but for reasons beyond our control it may be unlikely that they get done this year.

The first reason is product availability.  Due to the massive freeze in Texas this winter, all of the raw product to produce road paint was lost as well as the ability to produce more.  I have spoken to our rep from Time Striping, and he is being told that the factory might be making product by the end of July.  Even if the company starts up in August, we still have a national shortage of materials. The companies will be prioritizing where paint goes, I am being told that federal and state jobs will be done first, and from there the availability will dwindle down.  I am also being told that due to rising costs that our original price per foot will drastically be changed.  This will mean that the services will need to be re-bid per Arkansas law.

~Sebastian County Road Superintendent




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